Zanzibar – Fact Sheet

Zanzibar Travel Information

Zanzibar is the number one beach location in East Africa with classic tropical beaches, lush plantations and a fascinating culture.  Zanzibar is known for its beautiful palm-fringed beaches and pristine coral reefs.
Zanzibar is well known for its excellent dive locations.  The water temperature is warm, and visibility is excellent, perfect to the first time or novice divers!  Zanzibar has many attractions such as Stone Town with its many historical buildings.  Visit Jozani Forest where the red Colobus monkey is indigenous to the area. Spice tours where visitors are shown how the spices are grown and harvested as well as a dolphin safari where you can view dolphins at play.  The Palace Museum which was used as the Sultan of Zanzibar’s official residence; Beit al Aljaib (House of Wonders) – a perfect rectangle, it is one of the largest buildings on the island even today.
Whether you spend your days lazing by the pool,  sipping cocktails on the beach at sunset or enjoy a Dhow cruise around small islands, your Zanzibar holiday will be a memorable experience!

Time  Zone:
The Zanzibar islands are 1 hour ahead of South Africa.

220/230V square pin adapter (same plugs as UK)

Zanzibar enjoys a tropical climate.  January through March is generally hot and dry with little rainfall.  July through October area ideal months for visiting Zanzibar because the average temperature is 25°C.

Visas are no longer required by SA Passport holders when visiting Zanzibar.

English is widely spoken and understood.  The indigenous language spoken throughout Zanzibar is Swahili.

Money Matters
Cash (US Dollars and most credit cards are accepted at hotel or any Bureau de Change.

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